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June 2024 Sightings

June 22nd

Hen Reedbeds: an Osprey on a post on the Blyth.

Minsmere: a Glossy Ibis on West Scrape plus Wood Sandpiper, two Little Ringed Plovers and two Little Gulls.

Felixstowe: an eclipse drake Goosander at Felixstowe Ferry.

Ipswich: a NIGHT HERON heard calling 5x over Rushmere heading north at 22:30.

June 21st

Hen Reedbeds: an Osprey on a post on the Blyth.

Minsmere: a Glossy Ibis and three Little Gulls.

June 20th

Hen Reedbeds: two Ospreys at the site.

Hadleigh: one Spoonbill flew north over Station Road.

June 19th

Hen Reedbeds: the Osprey still present.

Hollesley Marsh: five Spoonbills and a Little Ringed Plover.


June 18th

Gorleston: the ROSE-COLOURED STARLING tracked down to Middleton Road.

Hen Reedbeds: an Osprey still present plus a Cattle Egret that then flew south.

Minsmere: a ROSEATE TERN on South Scrape, a Cattle Egret and a first-summer Little Gull.

Felixstowe: an eclipse drake Goosander at Felixstowe Ferry.

Lakenheath Fen: a report of an ALPINE SWIFT from Joist Fen.

June 17th

Hen Reedbeds: an Osprey on a post eating a fish.

Minsmere: two ROSEATE TERNS on South Scrape plus a Glossy Ibis and a first-summer Little Gull.

June 16th

Minsmere: a ROSEATE TERN (ringed bird) on South Scrape plus a Glossy Ibis still.

June 15th

Gorleston: a ROSE-COLOURED STARLING photographed in a garden.

Minsmere: a ROSEATE TERN commuting between East and South Scrapes plus two Little Gulls.

Cavenham: a second-calendar year MONTAGU'S HARRIER seen hunting east of the village before flying north.


June 14th

Kessingland: a ROSEATE TERN on the beach.

Minsmere: two ROSEATE TERNS, the putative Eastern Common Tern and an Arctic Tern moving between the Scrapes.

Hollesley Marsh: three Spoonbills.


June 13th

Gorleston: a possible Gull-billed Tern south past the pier.

Minsmere: a Glossy Ibis flew west over the scrape towards Eastbridge, a ROSEATE TERN and two Little Gulls on South Scrape plus a possible Eastern Common Tern on East Scrape.

Hollesley Marsh: the female Goosander and a Little Ringed Plover.


June 12th

Minsmere: a Glossy Ibis on the South Levels.

Rushbrooke: a HONEY BUZZARD heading west.


June 11th

Minsmere: a ROSEATE TERN commuting between East and South Scrapes plus an Arctic Tern.

Felixstowe: at Landguard, the MARSH WARBLER again singing at the south end of Icky Ridge.

Mildenhall: a BLACK KITE flew low south-west over the RAF vase. 

Risby: a different BLACK KITE at Risby Poors Heath near the Water Tower. 


June 10th

Minsmere: two ROSEATE TERNS commuting between East and South Scrapes.

Rickinghall: a QUAIL audible in fields from Cowfen Lane footpath.

June 9th

Carlton Marsh: an Osprey seen from North Hide, Peto's Marsh before heading towards Aldeby.

Minsmere: the Glossy Ibis still on Lucky Pool, a first-summer Little Gull on West Scrape and two Cranes south over the scrape.

Felixstowe: at Landguard, a MARSH WARBLER singing at the south end of Icky Ridge.


June 8th

Lowestoft: an Osprey south over North Quay then circling Lake Lothing.

Southwold: the two Spoonbills seen earlier over Minsmere flew up the Blyth.

Minsmere: a Glossy Ibis on West Scrape before relocating to Lucky Pool. A Spoonbill flew towards the scrape and then two north over the reserve towards Dunwich. 


June 7th

Walberswick: two male Eiders with the Common Scoter raft close in off Corporation Marsh.

Minsmere: a MARSH WARBLER singing along the footpath west of the sluice and a male RED-BACKED SHRIKE nearby. Offshore c.1000 Common Scoter.

June 6th

Walberswick: the female RED-FOOTED FALCON again over the reedbed until early afternoon. A Cattle Egret flew north over Corporation Marsh.

June 5th

Walberswick: a female RED-FOOTED FALCON over the reedbed.

Felixstowe: a Firecrest at LBO. At Felixstowe Ferry, a Short-eared Owl hunting near the stile and a Spoonbill on the saltings.


June 4th

Lakenheath Fen: four Cattle Egrets on the riverbank with cattle and a Ruddy Shelduck flew west.


June 3rd

Minsmere: a Glossy Ibis on south levels flying towards Bittern Hide.

North Warren: the male RED-BACKED SHRIKE still present plus two Spoonbills on South Marsh.

Falkenham: the GOLDEN ORIOLE again heard singing from a wood west of Brook Lane.


June 2nd

Carlton Marsh: a drake Garganey on Peto's Marsh.

Easton Bavents: a male RED-BACKED SHRIKE at the sheep paddocks before flying north.

Minsmere: a Glossy Ibis reported flying past Island Mere.

North Warren: a male RED-BACKED SHRIKE on North Marsh, viewed from the central footpath.

Hollesley Marsh: a Short-eared Owl.

Felixstowe: three Spoonbills at Felixstowe Ferry.

Falkenham: a GOLDEN ORIOLE singing in woods along Falkenham Brook.

Pipps Ford: five Ravens.


June 1st

Lowestoft: three Manx Shearwaters flew north at 08:06 and two more north at 12:15.

Benacre: three Manx Shearwaters flew north at 11:55.

Southwold: a Manx Shearwater flew south at 09:00.

Minsmere: highlights offshore were one Manx Shearwater, one Arctic Skua, 10 Razorbills south and eight north plus a further 99 auk species noted. On the reserve, a ROSEATE TERN on South Scrape.

Thorpeness: two Manx Shearwaters flew north prior to 08:00 and an Arctic Skua south at 08:45.

Aldeburgh Marsh: the Blue-headed Wagtail still on the main flash.

Hollesley Marsh: the female Goosander and a Spoonbill.

Bawdsey: a Manx Shearwater north off East Lane. 

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