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This policy describes:

  • how the Personal Data of SBG members is held, used and stored

  • who accesses the Personal Data and how

  • the process for amending or removing Personal Data when no longer needed

The policy has been agreed by SBG Council and adheres to all relevant UK and European Data Protection Legislation, specifically the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), May 2018.

Personal Data held:

SBG holds some or all of these details for its members, depending on the information supplied:

  • Name  – or names if for family membership

  • Postal address  – including postcode

  • Email address

  • Landline and/or mobile telephone number(s)

  • Date of joining

  • Membership category – adult, family, honorary or contributor

  • Joint membership with Suffolk Naturalists’ Society (SNS) – if relevant

  • Method of payment – cheque, direct debit, cash, bank transfer (BACS) or via SNS

  • Gift Aid registration – yes or no

SBG does not store ‘Sensitive Personal Data’ as defined by the GDPR.

We do not buy data from third parties or perform research or profiling on any of the people whose data we record.

Uses of Personal Data:

Personal Data is used to communicate the following items to its members.  We may use post, email, phone or text, as appropriate:

  • Mailout of quarterly magazine The Harrier

  • Subscription renewals and reminders

  • Information on General Meetings

  • Reminders of Indoor Events and Outdoor Events

  • Invitations to contribute to bird surveys

  • Requests for information related to Suffolk birds

  • Sharing information on national, international and other topics, including campaigns and appeals, appropriate to our role as a charity ‘for birds and for birders’

SBG will not use the data for direct marketing.

Storage of Personal Data:

Personal Data on SBG members in digital format is stored securely with password protection and is only accessible to authorised SBG Officers.

Membership forms, Gift Aid registration forms and Data Consent forms on paper are stored in a secure cabinet by the Membership Secretary/Treasurer.

Sharing of Personal Data:

Where the member has used the SBG Membership Form to request Joint Membership of SBG and Suffolk Naturalists’ Society (SNS), the personal data will be shared with SNS for this purpose.  The SNS Personal Data Protection Policy will then apply.

With this exception, SBG will not use its membership list to supply third parties with addresses or other information, unless required to do so under UK law.

Access to Personal Data:

Access to Personal Data in digital or paper format is restricted to the following authorised SBG Officers:

  • Chair

  • Membership Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Communications Officer

  • The Harrier Editor

  • Secretary

For mailout of The Harrier, the Editor sends a password-protected spreadsheet to the SBG printer with the names and addresses of current members.  This information is deleted after  each mailout.

Members may request details of the Personal Data held on them by writing to the Membership Secretary – details of the current postholder are on the inside back cover of The Harrier.

If a request is received, the email address or postal address must match those we hold as proof of identity.  We will respond within the statutory limit of 40 days.

Changes to Personal Data:

To request changes (such as a new address or email address), members must write to the Membership Secretary and must include proof of identity, such as providing the old address or by sending from the email address held by SBG. 

If a member specifically asks not to be contacted, this will be recorded on the SBG Suppression List.

Deletion of Personal Data:

When SBG membership has lapsed due to resignation or death, the Personal Data will be deleted from the spreadsheet and paper copies destroyed.  This will take place no later than 60 days after the Membership Secretary receives notification from the member or his/her representative.

If membership has lapsed inadvertently, the Personal Data will be deleted once three months have elapsed of the second calendar year of non-membership.  This is to allow subscribers who have forgotten to renew to catch up, or to allow family members to continue membership.

Privacy Statement:

Suffolk Bird Group (SBG) is committed to protecting your privacy as a member.  If you provide us with your contact details we will keep them on a secure spreadsheet to enable us to provide you with the benefits of membership.  We value your support and will not pass on information about you to anyone outside SBG.  If you would prefer not to receive future information from SBG please inform us by emailing

Endorsed by SBG Council: 30 April 2018 Charity Number: 801446

Suffolk Bird Group (Charity Number: 801446)

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