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The Garrod Award

The Garrod Award – In celebration of Ken and Jean Garrod

Jean had been in discussion with SBG council as she wanted to have an award in memory of Ken. The idea has been expanded to have it as an annual celebration of the huge contributions made to SBG and Suffolk birding by both Jean and Ken. Their involvement has spanned over 30 years, with attendance on most indoor and outdoor meetings. At these meetings they made all welcome whatever their age but particularly younger members. Jean was Outdoor Events Organiser for many years and she and Ken were made honorary vice–presidents in 2006. Jean wanted the award to be presented to the next generation of bird and wildlife enthusiasts and be awarded for their contribution to birds and wildlife, which is why we’re looking for nominations for Suffolk based young nature enthusiasts who are involved in birding, conservation and the environment.

SBG would like the form below filled in and a team will assess the nominees and select a winner each year. Winners will receive a certificate, a year’s membership of SBG, a SBG t-shirt and space within the Harrier to write articles about their wildlife experiences. The Garrod Award will be presented at each SBG AGM, normally held in February.

The closing date for nominations is January 15th – any nominations after this date will be held until the following year.


Ken and Jean at Dingle Hills August 2005

Garrod Award Nomination

Thanks for submitting!

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