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COVID 19 Protocol for outdoor walks

● Outdoor meetings must always be undertaken in accordance with the Government legislation and guidance which is in force at the time of the event, including concerning limits on the number of attendees at each event, and the meeting will be cancelled if changes to the rules or guidelines deem it to be necessary.

● If the Government is restricting numbers at outdoor events, then attendance must be pre-booked in advance with the Group Leader, with both name and telephone number being provided (contact numbers on the programme card or SBG website).  If there are no restrictions (or the restriction is for a number that is well above the usual attendance at a walk (about 20 people)), then there is no need to pre-book

● If the numbers pre-booking to attend exceed the permitted number for the group, such that a second Group Leader is required, the separate groups should start at staggered times and/or different points to avoid meeting/crowding.

● Attendees should, on the day before each event, check the SBG website to ensure that it has not been cancelled or, if this is not possible, call the Group Leader.

● If anyone who is intending to attend an event is unwell, and in particular has the known symptoms of Coronavirus, they must not attend the event, and should contact the Group Leader to inform them.

● Group Leaders will undertake a physical survey of the walk prior to the event and, depending upon the Government guidance that is in force at the time, seek to ensure that:

    o social distancing between attendees can be maintained at all times, and

    o it does not include potential ‘pinch or touch points’, such as

        o narrow paths and tracks where separation would be impossible if other walkers were encountered, and

        o gates which it would be necessary to open or stiles that needed to be climbed over.

● Those attending should:

    o ‘check in’ to a venue with the NHS Test & Trace app if available and

    o bring hand sanitiser to maintain good hygiene and

    o unless within a family group, should not share optics, and

    o please bring a mask, in the unlikely event that one might be required.

● If anyone who has attended an event:

    o becomes unwell within the 2 weeks following an event, and in particular

    o has a positive Coronavirus test result, or

    o has been told by NHS Test & Trace that they should self-isolate, or

    o shows the known symptoms of Coronavirus,

    o they must inform the Group Leader or Gi Grieco immediately.

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