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This page will include links to the various forms that you might find useful as a Suffolk birder

SBG membership form

You can join SBG on its own, or get discounted rates if you join both SBG and SNS (and membership of the latter is required in order to received the Suffolk Birds Report each year).  

The current SBG membership form (including Gift Aid declaration) can be found here:  SBG/SNS Membership Form 2024

You can also join online here:  SBG/SNS join online

Birding recording/reporting forms

The SORC form can be found here: SORC-submission-form.pdf  / SORC-submission-form.doc

The BBRC form can be found here: BBRC-report-form

The Excel spreadsheet for reporting a set of birds can be found here:  SBG – Records Submission

SBG Events card

A card containing a list of all SBG outdoor & indoor events for 2024: SBG Programme Card 2024

SORC GDPR statement

The SORC GDPR statement can be downloaded here.  Don't confuse this with the SBG privacy policy which can be found here.

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