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The Shotley Ringed plover project – call for volunteers for our 2024 season

The Suffolk and Essex Coast & Heaths National Landscape

supported by the Suffolk Bird Group and Natural England are

trialling portable fencing to protect breeding ringed plover on

the Shotley peninsula from visitor pressure and uncontrolled

dogs. It’s been a long time since Ringed plover nested on the

beach at Shotley Marina. Early trials with stick and rope

fencing were unsuccessful. But in 2023 we trialled

experimental portable ‘dog proof ‘fencing and saw Ringed

plover and oyster catcher successfully nest and raise chicks for

the first time in many years. This year we will need the support

of more volunteers to help with setting up the portable fence


We will be setting up the fencing on the beach at 10:00am at

Shotley Marina on the 23rd Feb for more information about

times and where to meet please contact Alex Moor at

Chris Keeling

Projects Officer

Suffolk Bird Group

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