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2021 Turtle Dove Survey - Suffolk surveyors needed

I don't think many birders need to be told about the decline of the Turtle Dove, and hopefully we'll therefore all understand just how important the 2021 survey is going to be. If I've counted correctly, Suffolk has been allocated over 200 1km squares, which goes to show how important this county is for Turtle Doves. As of 26th March, all the blue squares on the map below were still available. If there is one near you, please keep reading ...

This is a perfect survey for anyone who has not done one before as it only involves:

- TWO visits to the square, and

- visits are in the warmer months of May, June and July, and

- Turtle Doves are easy to identify visually and from their calls

So - if you are able to help with this survey, please consider signing up on the National Turtle Dove website here:

The above page also has full details of how to do the survey.

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