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Help Needed! Suffolk Rookery Survey

After the interruption of the Covid lockdowns, this is now the last year of the Suffolk Rookery Survey and we really need volunteers to help in getting as many rookeries surveyed as possible so that we can gain as much comparable data as possible and discover how Rook's are fairing in the county compared to the original survey of 1975.

Time is running out as nesting season is well under way and with trees now in leaf, counting the nests is becoming trickier. A list of sites that we would really like surveyed can be found in the file below.

Rookery Survey sites (1)
Download XLSX • 17KB

We are also willing to reimburse people their travel costs, if they are willing to travel around the county carrying out this survey details of how to claim can be found here

Results of any of your counts can be recorded on the Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service website here

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