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Indoor talk: Madagascar and Peru

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Our indoor talks are continuing online, and in February we are lucky to have two talks - each about 30 minutes long, starting at 7:30pm on Thursday 25th February 2021. Members for which we have email addresses will be sent the link to access the talk a couple of days beforehand. If you are a member and have never had an email from us, please contact to be added to our mailing list.

Magical Madagascar: Andrew Raine

Andrew Raine is (or was till Covid struck) a keen world birder living in Hadleigh, Suffolk.

Andrew describes Madagascar as one of those fantastic, must-visit countries with such a diverse avifauna and biodiversity that it's an amazing experience from start to finish. Tragically, habitat loss and pressure from the expanding human population is putting immense pressure on the native wildlife with the majority of specialities confined to a network of relatively small reserves. In this talk Andrew will cover all the corners of this magical Island and share some of the photos and experiences of this country and it's stunning endemics.

Remote cameras and audio for bird research in Peru: Dr Mark Bowler

Mark is a Lecturer in Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation Science at the University of Suffolk.

Much of his work to date has been on Amazonian mammals, but here he will talk about the remote bird surveying methods he uses in Peru, the hunt for the Critically Endangered endemic the Iquitos gnatcatcher, and the fun he’s had with porcupine-peeling harpy eagles. He will then describe how the University of Suffolk’s students and SBG are collaborating to use some of the same techniques in exciting new projects in East Anglia.

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