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SBG Rook Survey

We established the SBG Rookery Survey in 2019 with a plan to record all the rookeries in Suffolk over the next three years. The results of the survey were to be incorporated into a SBG publication once the fieldwork had taken place. Unfortunately, due to Covid and restrictions in movement in the last two years, recording has been hampered during the principal breeding period. As such, we’d like to complete the survey over the next two years.

The easy-to-use rookery survey webpage, hosted by the Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service, allows the number of nests in each rookery to be recorded, with location mapping down to an accuracy level of 10 metres. The survey page to enter details can be found here –

If you’ve submitted details of a rookery previously, but since noted a change then please record it. Below is a map of rookeries recorded to date. As can be seen, there are some areas with gaps present that can be targeted for surveying.

Suffolk rookeries site map

Gi Grieco

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