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Shotley Ringed Plover Update

Alex Moore Nature Recovery Officer for Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB and his team of volunteers have erected a Ringed Plover nesting enclosure at Shotley with specially designed portable panels that replace the post and rope fencing used last year. A pair of ringed plover were reported in the fenced area last season until disturbed by a dog running loose of the leash. We hope the panels will be more effective in preventing disturbance of prospecting pairs and that we will see a successful attempt at nesting this year. Ringed plover need our help. Throughout the spring and summer we are looking for volunteers to monitor the beach and report sightings of ringed plover, other birds and wildlife or any issues with the fencing whether storm damage or vandalism or deliberate or carless disturbance by members of the public or dogs.

We also have an online survey form which you can use to report your sightings. A volunteer (Adrian Silvertown) is also currently working on a Quick Capture app which will enable those volunteers who are happy using smart phones in the field to input the survey data quickly and easily in the field. Surveys can be carried out at any time on any day during daylight hours. How many visits is entirely up to you but as ringed plover will hopefully be prospecting soon we are looking for volunteers to help with monitoring as soon as possible. It might be you who finds the first breeding pair! If you’d like to take part please contact Alex Moore the Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB team can provide more information about access to the beach from Shotley marina including a map of the site. There are plenty of spaces for parking at Shotley Marina with a well used footpath leading the beach. If you would like to join the team of volunteers at Shotley you can e-mail Alex at

Chris Keeling

Projects Officer

Suffolk Bird Group

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