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SWT/SBG Farmland bird surveys – can you help?

Suffolk Wildlife Trust (SWT) Farm Advice Team are looking for SBG volunteers who are confident at identifying farmland birds, to undertake farm bird surveys at host farms to help chart changes in farmland bird populations in Suffolk. These farms have been advised by SWT on wildlife friendly farming and changes in management such as wild bird seed provision, supplementary feeding and sympathetic hedgerow management. Records will be shared with Suffolk Bird Group and Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service. SWT will then provide advice and recommendations to landowners on farmland birds and wider wildlife enhancements. 


If you are interested in helping out or would like to find out more, please contact Jenny Rawson –  


This will be similar to BBS methodology, involve two visits during the breeding season (April-July). Farm visits will be repeated every 3 years, to track changes in populations and enable SWT to inform on management recommendations.

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