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The Consolation of Nature

Spring in the time of coronavirus


Talk by Jeremy Mynott and Michael McCarthy

7:30 pm 25th November 2021

Best Western Ipswich Hotel, Old London Road, Copdock, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP8 3JD


Jeremy Mynott and Michael McCarthy will be talking about the book they co-authored with Peter Marren, The Consolation of Nature: spring in the time of coronavirus (Hodder 2020), which is a memoir by three nature writers of their experiences observing wildlife on their local patches in the extraordinary spring of 2020 and of the solace that nature can offer in a time of existential crisis.

Jeremy is the author of Birdscapes (2009), Knowing your Place: wildlife in Shingle Street (2016) and Birds in the Ancient World (2018), which was shortlisted for the Wolfson History Prize. Jeremy’s local patch is in Thurlow, West Suffolk.

Michael was formerly environment correspondent of The Times and environment editor of The Independent. He is the author of Say Goodbye to the Cuckoo (2009) and The Moth Snowstorm: nature and joy (2015). Michael lives near Richmond Park in London.

The talk is being held at the Best Western Ipswich Hotel which is conveniently located just off the A12 a few miles outside Ipswich. Parking is free and the room should be large enough to accommodate a good-sized group, with chairs well-spaced.

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